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Artistic Colour Gloss is a brand of Gel Polish.
Set in a L.E.D Light for long lasting wear & high shine for up to 3 weeks!
With a large range of colours to choose from, and plenty of techniques and skills learnt for nail art I can create amazing nails to suit your style and individual personality!

Read below for aftercare information;

Avoid soaking in water for the next 24 hours. Doing dishes, swimming pools, spa pools and cleaning chemicals. Although your gels feel dry they need 24 hours to cure properly.

If you have chosen light coloured gel, invest in a high quality clear traditional topcoat as they can easily be stained by food, make up etc.
You can easily remove the traditional top coat without damaging your gel polish underneath, so you can change it as often as you need.
Usually not needed with darker colours unless you work with dyes on a regular basis like a hair dresser.

Cuticle oil - Use this at least once a day, this will allow the nail to stay hydrated, which in return will help to stop chipping and cracking happening on your gel polish. It also reduces damage to your nail after removal.

For longevity of your nails read my Jewels Not Tools Page.


Use a medium to fine grit file to stop rough edges getting worse, this will prevent chips from happening.
If you can not make it into a salon to have your gel polish removed, please carefully follow the following instructions.

~ Gently file the top coat, this will help the remover penetrate the gel polish.
~ Cut a cotton balls in half and saturate in acetone based nail polish remover.
~ Use tin foil to wrap the cotton balls on the nails tightly. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and
then use the orange wood stick to gently remove the loose product.
~ If the product is not coming easy then wrap the nail again and leave for another 5
( if the product is still not budging, then buff some more polish off and try again.)

Peeling or prying your gel polish off will result in tearing or lifting of the top plate of your nail which can weaken your nail. Patience is the key.

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